Hi! I am Annagail Lynes.  I am an artist, author, instructor, certified pharmacy technician and entrepreneur.  As a child of an overprotective parent, my opinion, my voice, the essence of who I am and who I am supposed to be,  faded into the background.  When asked for my opinion, I agreed with whoever posed the question.  I became a chameleon instead of a person.  I panicked when I had to speak--in person, on the phone.  I could not do it without breaking out into a cold sweat.    I immersed myself into my imaginary world that eventually made up my Jaguar and Peacock series of books..  I found healing in writing, then I branched out into acrylic pour painting and jewelry making.  The more I wrote, the more I painted, the more I found my voice.  Now people cannot believe I suffered from anxiety and wouldn't talk because I rarely shut up.  I found my voice and want to help you find yours through my tutorials, books, classes and inspirational art..  



I am Annagail Lynes.  I live in Mesa, Arizona, a smaller town outside of Phoenix.  I am a second generation Arizona native.  I went to school in Phoenix and graduated from Glendale High School.  I love to read, to listen to music (my favorite singer is Rick Springfield), travel, write novels, paint and making jewelry.  I am a certified pharmacy technician and art instructor.  I take my inspiration from everywhere.  Travel, books and conversations I overhear can spark an idea.  Inspiration is everywhere, which why I have to use a

notebook to catch it.

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